Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Sharing

I just loved to read interior design magazines.
I just find reading id magazines truly therapeutic for me.
Sometimes I would dream of having many rooms in my house and each room would have a unique theme designs.
The right pic shows a storeroom door with ants (magnets) crawling.

Every man's dream chair! Yes? No? ;p

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

T Break

T = Tea Break
T = Tuition Break
T = Torture Break
I just love to prepare snacks for the daughter & teacher during tuition time.
Ok, even if it is torture break - i must also make sure it is a damn good one! ... eh the snacks not the torture ;p

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Yuan Xiao Jie

Every Chinese New Year, I'll prepare goodies bags for the kids, my neighbours, my neighbours' kids. For the kids, I just love to see their faces light up when they received my goodies bags. For the neighbours, I just felt is time of the year I wanted to tell them I appreciate them, I treasure them, I cherish them. Their presence in my life is a blessing. Today marks the end of the Lunar New Year Celebration. I sincerely wish everyone around me will be healthy, safe and blessed.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why Do Cows Wear Bells?

The daughter drags and drags doing her Chinese assessment.
She gets absolutely restless while finally willing to do her Chinese assessment in her own convenient time.
What a irony!
Her glamy mum here took up higher Chinese in her primary/secondary level and major in Chinese studies in University!
Why why why? I kept asking myself?
She got so bored and suddenly she asked : "Mummy, why did the cows wear bells?"
Me : (not really paying attention) cos they have to work in the field.
Daughter : Wrong. Because their horns are not working.
Can't help but burst out laughing.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Master of Multitasking

Glamy Mum : Girl, can you please tidy up your stuff? Why are you so untidy? Who would want marry you in future?
Unglam Daughter : My future hushand will marry me in future Mummy!
Glamy Mum : Who would want to marry a untidy girl?
Unglam Daughter : I can hire a maid to tidy up the mess in future Mummy!
Glamy Mum : Before you hire your maid, please do it yourself first then in future you can train your maid to do it ya! (shoving unglam girl to go tidy up her stuff).
Unglam Daughter : You are the most troublesome Mummy & you are naggy Mummy.
Glamy Mum : Thank you!
Unglam Daughter : And I love you Mummy!
Glamy Mum's heart melted ....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Waiting To Be Adult

The two girls can't wait to be 18 years old so they can :
  • start learning driving
  • join the wine society

They are crazy over red wine.

They are reading up the high way code (basic theory) now.

I let them have their fun.

I am fine with the above as long as they don't do the above at the same time.


Presenting The Renovated Home
After this renovation, my favorite color is now white.